Chantelle DusetteIndustrial Theatre / 'Let’s Talk About It'

    Logo for Fount ProductionsThrough working with The Centre for Inclusive Leadership, I have come to understand the power of inclusion “diversity is some of them but inclusion is all of us” and that puts an end to any idea of separation and instead invites people to have a collective conversation. The audience is invited to step into each others shoes. This premise sets up wonderfully the industrial theatre work that I deliver through Fount Productions and allows the audience to completely engage with the stories that we tell, the aim being to help bring about a paradigm shift in the room.

    From experience people volunteer sensitive stories because they feel that they are in a safe space and the collective begin to have difficult conversations, in an honest, thought provoking and inspiring way.

    A performance piece delivered to the NHS on mental health has resulted in forms being changed that will now capture mental health for nurses in A&E.

    Photo of Andy TaylorPaul Anderson-Walsh - Director | TCfIL