Mario Frendo, talk to us about his personal experience being apart of the LGBTQ+ community

To celebrate Pride Month, we are thrilled that a friend of @TCFIL Mario Frendo, took out some time of his schedule to talk to us about his personal experience being apart of the LGBTQ community.
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Chantelle Dusette and her experience with Mental Health

We are delighted our colleague Chantelle Dusette took some time out of her schedule to talk about her experience with Mental Health.
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Inspirational women in management

We wanted to talk to some inspirational women about thier experiences. We are thrilled that Valérie Maure, Senior Partner & the Europe Mobile Leader at IBM iX, took some time out of her schedule to answer our questions.

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Inspirational women in management

We are thrilled that Clare Davies, Director of HR for the Metropolitan Police, took some time out of her schedule to talk to us about female leaders in the workplace.

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MS Awareness week 2021

This week marks the beginning of National MS Awareness week. We are thrilled that Janis Winehouse, who has been living with MS for over 40 years, and who works for the MS Society and Amy Winehouse Foundation, took some time out of her schedule to answer our questions.

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Janis Winehouse


As we know, our history has an impact on our present.  LGBTQ History Month allows us to reflect and affords us the opportunity to stop and look at where we are as a community.

At The Centre for Inclusive Leadership, we wanted to talk to leaders in the community about their experiences.  We are delighted and honoured that Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, who works in the financial tech industry, took some time out of his schedule to answer some questions.


Introducing: The Business of Inclusion

The bottom line is that this book is about the bottom line. Revolution not evolution; Introducing: The Business of Inclusion presents a radical and timely challenge to business leaders and HR Professionals who are focused on the equality and diversity agenda. This book is not about having a conscience about difference – it’s about being conscious of difference. It’s not about assimilating and homogenizing difference – it’s about valuing difference. It’s not about making people who are different, the same as us. No, it’s about the power that an organisation can derive from deliberately nurturing and integrating heterogeneous groups of people so that we fit together.

The Business Of Inclusion

Diversity Pocketbook

Linbert Spencer firmly believes that combating discrimination, promoting equal opportunity and valuing the differences in individuals is morally, socially and economically advantageous. It adds value to an organisation – by making it more attractive to investors, would-be employees and customers – and improves output, both quality and quantity. The Diversity Pocketbook is for everyone with responsibility for directing, managing, supervising or influencing others within an organisation. It describes how to: formulate a strategy that values diversity; implement such a strategy; recruit and train a more diverse workforce (the 5D’s – desire, definition, decision, determination and discipline); and set personal diversity and equality objectives. The appointment of a ‘diversity champion’ and dealing with grievances are also dealt with.


Creating and maintaining a culture of inclusion is a critical success factor during normal trading conditions, so, how much more crucial is it when advised social distancing has but a stop to physical nearness? Our inclusion strategies will certainly be stress tested to ensure that they can serve a heightened need for psychological proximity. Inclusive organisations are concerned that those who must now be apart, still feel that they are a part.

Zebra Talk: In conversation with Linbert Spencer OBE

Join our co-founder Linbert Spencer OBE in conversation with Taylor Vinters’ CEO, Matt Meyer, talking about the difference between the diversity agenda and creating genuine inclusivity in your organisation, how the current context is changing the approach organisations are taking to inclusivity – particularly in the digital workplace – and thinking ahead to the future and the opportunities that are unlocked by a new way of working.


A conversation about race in the UK and EMEA: Past, present, future.

In a recent panel discussion, our co-founder Paul Anderson-Walsh joined Sophie Chandauka, Global COO of Shared Services and Banking Operations at Morgan Stanley and the Founder/Chair of the Black British Business Awards, and Manisha Mehrotra, Bloomberg’s Head of Diversity & Inclusion, EMEA to investigate the historical racial contours of institutional discrimination and vulnerability in the UK’s history.  The group also looked at the adverse impact of COVID-19 on Black and Asian communities, including health and social inequalities, collective grief, and more.


The Centre for Inclusive Leadership Black History Month 2020

To mark Black History Month 2020 co-founders Paul Anderson-Walsh and Linbert Spencer OBE sit down to discuss and celebrate Linbert’s career and his 30 years of experience in diversity and inclusion consultancy. The pair reflect on some defining moments during this time and share some thoughts about the Macpherson report 20 years on.


What does it mean to be black in Britain in 2020?

As part of UK Black History Month 2020 co-founder Paul Anderson-Walsh was invited to participate in a panel discussion hosted by Vice President of the Liberal Democrats Isabelle Parasram exploring the depth, complexity and evolution of being black in Britain in the 21st Century.