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No manager wakes up in the morning and asks, “how can I make sure my team feel excluded today?” But neither do they ask themselves, “how can I make sure that everyone feels included today?” ~ The Centre for Inclusive Leadership

With the promise of constant change the only constant, it is widely recognised that there is an urgent need to re-skill both current employees and new joiners.  Both employers and individuals recognise the need for continuous development, especially around developing their leadership capability.  However, a number of factors, including the sheer volume of work and the fact that work is what people in the new economy do rather than where they go, means that they need to access learning, growth and development seminars on the go as snackable content.

The Centre for Inclusive Leadership’s Academy offers seminars which organisations, individuals and L&D practitioners can access for groups of up to 25 participants including our core seminars:

  • “I’m included” a workshop designed to provide the learner with personal insights to enable them to understand who they really are and the means of assessing their new environment in order to understand how to enable themselves to do their best work.  (3 hours)
  • “Fitting Together” A manager seminar providing managers with tools, tips and techniques for building high performing teams. (3 hours)

In addition to our seminars for the growing number of contract workers, especially within the technology space, Contact & Expand we run accredited seminars in for those interested in mediation and workplace conflict, coaching and communication.

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