We are pleased to announce the launch of our Distanced Learning Programmes. You will be able to access our full suite of inclusion-centred Human Capital Management programmes as either self-directed e-learning programmes (between 15-20 minutes) or on a guided-virtual basis (facilitated 1-hour sessions).

When the idea of distance learning was first conceived it was not borne out of a vision of a distant future … but the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a tectonic shift in the learning landscape. Learning and development are going to be key activities as companies look to reset and rebuild their organisational resilience post Covid. Whilst the need is immediate, the reality is that for the foreseeable future, Leadership Accession and Executive Education programmes will have to be offered at a distance and facilitated in ways that ensure that those who are apart still feel a part, and fully engaged.

Our programmes have been shaped to follow what we think will be the contours on the road to recovery and resettlement in the new normal over the next 18 months:


In the Remote Phase we are focusing on the following themes in our ‘Away from the Office’ Series:

Managing Inclusion Remotely

Here your people will learn how we can all effectively work apart whilst still being a part of the team.  We provide practical tools/steps to enable your people to better manage the inclusion of every member of their team so that they can be their best selves and do their best work.

Emotional Well-being

Doing well requires being well, and in this module, we focus on learning how we can all maintain and improve our emotional well-being by recognising when stretch has become stress. We give strategies for managing stress and getting back into balance.

Time Management

Helping people to learn how we can manage ourselves effectively to make the best use of our time in a disconnected work setting. We enable your people to be more efficient throughout their working day and thereby increase their ability to support their team(s) whilst working remotely.


Delegating Inclusively

Learn how we can all delegate more inclusively in a disconnected work setting. This module enables your people to understand what delegation is and is not and why it’s vital for the development of team members, the productivity of managers, and the efficiency and effectiveness of the team and organisation.



Your people will understand how they can provide feedback more effectively. We remind them that quality feedback is critically important and that without it there would be little or no personal development or consistent improvement in the organisation’s performance. We provide a framework that will enable your people to improve their ability to give feedback well.


Click here to watch a taster video of our Distanced Learning modules.

We will be adding additional modules to our Distanced Learning programme to support managers and also individual contributors as they continue to re-evaluate what it means to be working ‘Away from the Office’.

For more information contact nosheen@thecentreforinclusiveleadership.com or call +44(0)7586 718087.