To mark Inclusion Week 2020 we have curated a collection of resources that ask you to go where no generation has gone before and BOLDLY walk the path to inclusion.


We are passionate about inclusion; we are outraged about injustice and inequity and this Inclusion week we say that we must B.O.L.D.L.Y. go where no generation has been before. In June we published a statement from the team and an open letter from Co-Founder Paul Anderson-Walsh, read his follow up to Waiting to Exhale here as we consider how we can break down the barriers.

How can we open our hearts and our minds on the path to inclusion?  How can we transition into a place of human heartedness? What are the implications if we still hold onto anger? Click here to watch an interview with Paul Anderson-Walsh answering some of these questions.

As leaders its paramount to facilitate conversation where we talk and listen to one another in a clean way.  We asked our co-founder Linbert Spencer to share his top tips for coaching inclusively.  Click here to see his advice.

It is vital that we don’t allow ourselves to be complacent because we are non-racist, but become activated to become anti-racist.  We must ask ourselves if we hear and understand the lived experience of those that are ‘othered’?  In our work with Truthsayers® we use developments in neuroscience to explore how people really feel and not just how they say they feel.  Explore more on this partnership here.

How do we have challenging conversations to ensure that we we do not allow ourselves to become complacent? We are thrilled to be partnering with BRC learning to be leading a facilitated discussion to explore how Inclusion should be the key driver for recovery, resilience and reinvention in retail. This is an open discussion to allow retailers to raise and discuss issues of concern surrounding Diversity and Inclusion.  Click here for more information

As we walk the path to inclusion we must lead ourselves and others with humility, empathy, grace and compassion.  But how can we do this during times of volatility? In this article Paul Anderson-Walsh explores how we can manage our own inclusion by ‘Thriving in Adversity’.  Click here to read his thoughts.

You and I must commit to being the change we want to see in the world and be the new culture carriers (super-spreaders) in our individual spheres of influence.

At The Centre for Inclusive Leadership it is our vision to create and inclusive society.  We are committed to addressing the inclusion agenda 52 weeks of the year and following Inclusion Week 2020 invite you to go BOLDLY where no generation has gone before.

Check out our LinkedIn on Sunday 4th October for a retrospective on Inclusion Week 2020, and how our clients are committing to the inclusion agenda.

We will be adding to our content throughout Inclusion Week, be sure to revisit this page and our LinkedIn for more information.