• Nicole Eisele Conflict Resolution Specialist

    “Inclusion puts the concept of diversity into action by creating an environment of involvement, respect and connection.”

  • Andrea Taylor-Cummings Associate Director

    “Inclusion is about creating the environment to enable the best of who we are to come alive.”

  • Zoe Cogan Associate Director

    “In the words of Dr. Seuss, ‘Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s just not.’”

  • Joshua Jost Brand Specialist

    “Inclusion needs to be hard-wired into the corporate narrative.”

  • Dave Stent The Academy | McQuaig Psychometrics Master Practitioner

    “It’s all about inclusion”

  • Phil Badley Strategic HR Specialist

    “Many of us allow unconscious bias to filter our perceptions of others and as a consequence the potential in relationships remains unfulfilled.”

  • Paul Anderson-Walsh

    “Inclusion: The secret to getting us all to work”

  • Linbert Spencer O.B.E

    “Inclusion is about getting more out of more of your people more of the time.”

  • Sajjad Iqbal Director

    “I’ve never wanted to have to try and fit in and happily, inclusion means we can discover how to fit together instead.”

  • Andy Taylor
    Andy Taylor Director at Huringa Ltd.

    At Huringa, inclusion is not some of the things we do, it’s everything we do.

  • Chantelle Dusette Industrial Theatre / 'Let’s Talk About It'

    “Diversity is about some of them, inclusion is about all of us.”

  • Mike Petrie

    For me managing inclusion is the key to leading a business. The bottom-line is that it’s about the bottom-line

  • Ken Iloka Director at Huringa Ltd.

    With the increasing complexity in organisational transformation and change, inclusive leadership is extremely important in enabling consistent delivery of lasting business outcomes through people.

  • Iain Chalmbers The Holst Group

    We know people are happier, more loyal, and perform better when they feel valued and are in the right role. Inclusion is central to this and good employers deserve a workforce that will do the job well.