Taking the guesswork out of hiring

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A Client was looking to address two specific organisational needs:

  1. addressing the D&I agenda
  2. upskilling the manager population

Our concept ‘The Business of Inclusion’ resonated with the client as a way to harmonise these two objectives.  As a result, we designed and delivered a seminar to facilitate the learning of core management principles through a lens of inclusion.


Measurable Impact

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We support a development seminar for the retail sector, held at Oxford University’s College, facilitating the first day of the week-long Academy seminar (OSS). This facilitates individual learning and enables them to support the learning of others throughout the seminar designed to create real and sustainable behaviour change.

In 2016 to further increase the ROI, we created a two-day development seminar (at no extra cost to the client) to enhance the skills of the Group Directors (GDs) as tutors, coaches and mentors to the 200 delegates. The GDs unanimously attest to a perceptible return on investment accruing both to the OSS and back on the job in terms of their effectiveness as leaders.

Find the root cause and the symptoms will fix themselves

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Creating value is the most sought after and least understood factor in designing learning and development solutions for clients; and there are few areas where this is more acutely felt than in the field of Inclusion, Equality and Diversity training. Many of our clients look to us to treat symptoms by inviting us to run, for example, unconscious bias training. Experience has taught us that before we deliver a seminar we need to invest time in helping the client make the right diagnosis before deciding on the treatment.