A company should limit its growth based on its ability to attract enough of the right people. ~ Jim Collins

We successfully partnered with a large public sector organisation to deliver a national and ground breaking Direct Entry Senior Manager Seminar. This innovative intervention was designed to attract highly talented leaders from outside the sector, to enter at a senior level, bringing fresh perspectives and new ideas.

Given that the cost of recruitment is estimated at 15 times an employee’s salary (according to the CBI), ensuring the correct hires were made was essential to achieving a tangible return on investment.

We used the McQuaig psychometric system as a critical starting point for the seminar, as this has been proven to guarantee a 75%-80% likelihood of a candidate succeeding in role.

Candidates completed the McQuaig Word Survey™, which measures core personality traits as well as how a person is behaving, as a benchmarking tool. The reports enabled deeper levels of screening at interview stage and a more tailored approach to on-boarding, coaching and development for each individual hired.
As a result, speed to proficiency happened not by accident but by design.

Bespoke Design

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Our solutions are out of the box not off the shelf

A Client was looking to address two specific organisational needs:

  1. addressing the D&I agenda
  2. upskilling the manager population

Our concept ‘The Business of Inclusion’ resonated with the client as a way to harmonise these two objectives.  As a result, we designed and delivered a seminar to facilitate the learning of core management principles through a lens of inclusion.

Throughout the design phase, we worked closely with key stakeholders from HR and heads of other business units to design bespoke interventions for specific populations.

From the outset, it was agreed that the seminar should offer learning through two mediums, highly interactive half-day classroom seminars (where managers could try things and get feedback) and 60 minute webinars.

The webinars were intended to provide a ‘real world’ way of learning, presented in a Radio Four Moneybox style as a conversation between the interviewer and the subject matter expert. They were specifically designed to deliver timely content during ‘moments that matter’ e.g. mid-year or year-end performance reviews.

  • goal setting
  • courageous conversations
  • coaching
  • feedback
  • managing inclusion
  • emotional intelligence.

With over 100+ regular attendees on this now monthly event, the webinars continue to deliver a considerable ‘learning bang’ for the client’s buck.

The feedback evidences that managers attend this seminar because they want to and it has become part of the organisation’s required training for everyone with management responsibility.

The strong partnership between us and the Client allowed us to create a highly effective seminar, which we both believe is market-leading in this space.

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