Photo of a measuring tapeWe support The Oxford Summer School (OSS) a development seminar for the retail sector, held at Oxford University’s Keble College, facilitating the first day of the week-long Academy seminar. This facilitates individual learning and enables them to support the learning of others throughout the seminar designed to create real and sustainable behaviour change.

In 2016 to further increase the ROI, we created a two-day development seminar (at no extra cost to the client) to enhance the skills of the Group Directors (GDs) as tutors, coaches and mentors to the 200 delegates. The GDs unanimously attest to a perceptible return on investment accruing both to the OSS and back on the job in terms of their effectiveness as leaders, as evidenced by an e-mail from the Chair of the GDs:

…The School overall scored a fantastic 96% but even this was put in the shade by your brilliant 98% score for your morning lecture and an equally stunning 97% for your afternoon ETHICS plenary.’’ The day also top scored in 2016 rated 96% overall and 99% for standard of presentation.

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