Into the eyes, connecting souls, engage, feeling respected and known,
Navigating the winding path together, feeling valued and appreciated,
Cultivating a community culture, a space that’s made safe for all,
Lessons learned with honesty, makes us trusted when we drop the ball,
Uniqueness an asset, fostering a sense of belonging within teams,
Starting relationships cleanly, allowing others able to be their best self and be seen,
Instilling confidence enables your people to thrive and able to do their best work,
Owning the leadership role, understanding that it is also for the introverts,
Never fully satisfied unless inclusion is at the heart of the seed.

by Chantelle Dusette

At the Centre for Inclusive Leadership we believe Inclusion is an emotion, and when included people feel Respected, Valued, Safe, Trusted, a Sense of Belonging, so much so that they are able to Be their Best Self and Do their Best Work.

To mark the start of Inclusion Week 2020 we asked the team to unpack what these elements mean to them; hover over the words to see their thoughts. Click here for more Inclusion week content.

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