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We support organisations’ inclusion maturity​ journeys.


Our purpose is to end
inequality in the workplace

Thinking, design and delivery partners

We work with clients to embed inclusion into their organisations as both thinking, and design and delivery partners.

Bespoke end-to-end inclusion solution

Every client journey is different. Our methodology enables us to support clients to create a DEI journey that is right for them.

Data-informed approach to measuring inclusion

The only inclusion-centric people analytics platform that quantify and measure what people really think and feel.

Holistic and distinctive approach

A culture of inclusion needs to be steered from the top, fuelled by the middle and driven from the grassroots.


Our Inclusion maturity journeys in numbers

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Of experience working with clients on workplace inclusion

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Working with multinational clients in different countries


Our client portfolio covers at least twelve industry sectors


Helping to shape the culture of some of the most established brands

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Our work has impacted over 8.5k leaders and their company’s culture

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Online and live workshop sessions with clients


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Journey in 5 simple steps

Understanding your why

The first thing you need to understand is why you are here. Organisations tend to arrive at this DEI agenda without really knowing why.

Understanding the difference

Diversity is not inclusion: once you make this distinction in your mind, you are moving away from diversity management and moving towards leading inclusively. The aim is to help organisations decouple inclusion from the word diversity.

How people really feel

Inclusion is a feeling, and being able to measure the way your people think is key to unlocking a sense of belonging among all its employees. Belonging is about feeling psychologically safe, connected and that you have a shared future.

What to do and how to do it

Adjust your Inclusion Journey by moving from diversity management to leading Inclusively. Inclusive Leadership is about bringing meaning to belonging but for inclusion to stick it has to be something owned by all of us for all of us.

How to measure impact

Creating a culture of inclusion is not something that can be done overnight. Once your organisation has started the process, it is crucial to stop, analyse and review in order to develop the next stage of your journey.

Understand where your organisation is in its inclusion journey

We’ve developed a simple diagnostic tool to help organisations understand where they are in their inclusion journey.


How we can support your
Inclusion Maturity Journey

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Every client is different, which is why our team work closely with our clients as thinking partners in the creation of their unique inclusion maturity journey.
The Inclusionomics Company - People Analytics Tool
The Inclusionomics Company - People Analytics Tool
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TIC provides the only inclusion led People Analytics Platform that uses both 'implicit’ and ‘explicit’ methods to actually quantify & measure how people really feel.
Learning and development solutions
Learning and development solutions
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We facilitate webinars, inclusion clinics, industrial theatre and provide train the trainer solutions for those organisations with in-house facilitation teams.
Online learning
Online learning
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We work with our clients to create bespoke e-learning modules and boxsets on a wide range of topics including: inclusive leadership, emotional well-being, transgender awareness, and more.
Executive coaching
Executive coaching
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The executive coach works with a senior member to provide the thinking environment that makes it possible for them to unearth the wisdom and knowledge they themselves possess.

what we offer

Measuring workplace inclusion: the only Inclusion-Centric People Analytics Platform

Our platform uses conscious and nonconscious methods to quantify how people really feel about inclusion in the workplace and provides the guidance on how to improve it.

what we offer

Other services

We can support clients from beginning to end of their inclusion maturity journey. Here are some other services we offer through our partners.

Our platform uses conscious and nonconscious methods to quantify how people really feel about inclusion in the workplace, and provides the guidance on how to improve it.

In partnership with Vallum Associates leverage their network on our behalf to identify candidates to support our clients. Part of many organisations strategy is to create increasingly inclusive cultures, and to achieve that, there is a desire to attract more underrepresented and diverse talent.

We work closely and confidentially with a collective of BACP registered Gestalt Therapists who participants can be referred to in order to speak with an empathic and qualified professional about the issues that the programmes may have surfaced.

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